Changing the Way We Connect to WiFi

KISS    proximity technology enables devices to connect to WiFi by coming in close contact with a kisslink router. WiFi Passwords are not required so no more compromises between passwords that are too difficult to remember or too easy to exploit. This patent-pending authentication process assures that only you and your house guests can easily and securely connect to your network.



The Complete WiFi Solution

Each environment is different, but kisslink routers can meet the WiFi needs of any setting. Whether you need a standalone router or a range extender to boost your WiFi coverage, kisslink can be the simple solution to ensuring that you always have optimal Internet connectivity.

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Easy Setup

Safe Connection

Reliable Signal

Auto Optimization

Versatile Connectivity

Enterprise Credentials


Consumer Friendliness

Business grade hardware and software allow kisslink routers to deliver strong, stable, and fast WiFi connections. No need to fiddle with configurations or settings. Our custom OS, built on more than a decade of enterprise networking expertise, is optimized to deliver a reliable connection at all times.


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0 Configuration Setup

Setup is so easy that anyone can install kisslink in under a minute. No matter how you choose to use kisslink to optimize your WiFi, it’s ready to go right out of the box. Just connect kisslink to a power outlet and Internet source and viola. None of that weird ‘’ nonsense. Get online in record time.




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